The HOTWords delivers contextual advertising through its publishers’ network. The company is an active member of Interactive Advertising Bureau Brasil (IABBrasil); an entity that establish the policies for the best campaign performance. The web semantic tool used by HOTWords analyses the text after its release and delivers the ads according to the top subjects on each text; the tool does not interfere on the editorial content of any website or blog. HOTWords care about its advertisers and publishers, and then it has established policies that guarantee high performance and safety to its tool.

For the user impact, the ads are delivered with contextual and relevancy properties. HOTWords analyses the top subjects carefully and segments them through channels. The editorial content quality and quantity influence the campaign efficiency directly.

The websites are evaluated and approved according to some criteria. News, articles or images that has violent, racist, defamatory, illicit drugs, catastrophe or sexist content are considered pejorative and it can damage the advertisers’ image, then HOTWords does not delivery campaigns on this kind of website or blog.

In order to preserve the advertisers’ brands, the HOTWords does not use trademarks to deliver its campaign. The trademarks are only used on the advertisers’ own campaigns.

The HOTWords Ad Network is under the Approval Policies following a quality standard for the advertisers’ safety. Then we do not accept:

• Offline, on maintenance or under construction Websites
• Websites designed for flash players
• Websites that persuade the users – e.g. click here
• Brand-news websites with little content
• Institutional websites that does not have editorial content
• Websites with racist content
• Websites with gambling content
• Websites with porno and sexist
• Websites with pejorative content
• Websites with violent, illicit drugs and defamation content
• Websites that commercialize weapons
• Websites not compatible with Wordpress, Uniblog, Spaceblog, Fotoblog, Fotolog Google and Blogspot platform
• Websites that requires passaword for content access.

Websites or blogs that are not under the HOTWords Quality Policies will not be approved. However, approved websites and blogs that violate our policies will have its license canceled.

HOTWords can change its policies at any time. According to our contract, it is the Publishers’ liability to keep themselves updated and follow the procedures. Any doubt about the topics above, please contact us.