HOTWords has a qualified network that does not influence the editorial content from any website.

To join our network, the websites are evaluated and approved according to some criteria. The website or blog quality and efficiency are directly connect with:

• Professional layout (lack of visual pollution or many ads);
• Editorial content, posts, articles or comments quality
• Vertical content;
• Constant updating;
• Great quantity of views and unique visitors

We do not accept:

• Offline, on maintenance or under construction Websites
• Websites designed for flash players
• Websites that persuade the users – e.g. click here
• Brand-news websites with little content
• Institutional websites that does not have editorial content
• Websites with racist content, gambling content, porno and sexist, pejorative content, violent, illicit and defamation content
• Websites that commercialize weapons
• Websites not compatible with Wordpress, Uniblog, Spaceblog, Fotoblog, Fotolog Google and Blogspot platform.
• Websites that requires password for content access.
• Content downloads, movies, series and cartoons on-line, tv on-line, streaming, third-party content without authorization, to provide downloads of links from other sites.
• Similar tool to HOTWords;

HOTWords care about its advertisers and publishers, then it has established policies that guarantee high performance and safety to its tool. To be HOTWords Publisher, you must have a website or blog; it is important to update your editorial content constantly or a high volume of content. If you do not violate any of our approval policies and agree with our editorial policy you can be a HOTWords Publisher.

HOTWords can change its policies at any time. According to our contract, it is the Publishers’ liability to keep themselves updated and follow the procedures. Any doubt about the topics above, please contact us.