The websites are evaluated and approved according to some criteria. News, articles or images that has violent, racist, defamatory, illicit drugs, catastrophe or sexist content are considered pejorative and it can damage the advertisers’ image, then HOTWords does not delivery campaigns on this kind of website.

We do not accept:

• Offline, on maintenance or under construction Websites
• Websites with porno and sexist
• Websites with pejorative content
• Websites with similar tool
• Websites with download content without license or legal authorization
• Websites that redirects to a different URL from the registered one
• Websites not compatible with Wordpress, Uniblog, Spaceblog, Fotoblog, Google or Blogspot platform.
• Websites that requires password for access. Please contact our team and inform them the login and password for your website evaluation.

Websites or blogs that are not under the HOTWords Quality Policies will not be approved. However, approved websites and blogs that violate our policies will have its license canceled.